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Job Expired

Job Overview

General mission :-

The Cashier is responsible for the regular bookkeeping of one or more cash boxes, keeping the advances ledger, checking supporting documents, preparing payments and compliance with the organisation’s standards and the country’s regulatory framework.


Missions / Responsibilities

Mission 1 : Strategy and steering

  • Monitors and reports to his or her line manager and functional manager on the cash-related risks of which he or she is aware and contributes towards their mitigation.
  • Participates in the strengthening of partners’ skills in the cash-flow management field.

Mission 2 : Standards and expertise

  • Deploys all of HI’s cash-flow management policies, processes and tools within his or her area of responsibility.
  • Complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Contributes to internal control within his or her area of responsibility and implements the corrective actions identified.


Mission 3 : Operational implementation


Responsibility 1 : Makes payments and pays advances

  • Pays in and disburses money from the cash boxes for which he or she is responsible and records the movements in a cash ledger.
  • Pays advances, records them in an advance ledger and clears them.
  • Regularly checks the cashbox balances against the cash ledger and the advances ledger.
  • Monitors the availability of cash in the cash boxes and alerts the Treasurer if there is a risk of shortage.
  • Prepares cheques and bank transfer orders, submits them to the bank signatories and keeps a copy.
  • Monitors the number of chequebooks available and orders new ones as necessary.
  • Adheres to security and safekeeping procedures and alerts his or her supervisor in the event of an incident.
  • Carries out cash inventories and informs the accountant of any outstanding advances at closing of accounts.


Responsibility 2 : Ensures the quality and availability of supporting documents

  • Checks the admissibility of the supporting documents with regard to HI and country rules and transmits these supporting documents to the accountant for recording in the accounting Information System (IS) and archiving.
  • Monitors advances and their supporting documents.
  • Prepares any supporting documents asked for by internal or external auditors.


Mission 4 : Profession facilitation


  • Contributes towards the facilitation of the profession’s development in his or her area of responsibility.


Mission 5 : Emergency preparedness and response

  • Contributes to the program’s emergency preparedness actions and, during an emergency, adapts his/her work modality to contribute to HI’s effective humanitarian response.


Required profile for the function:

o   Bachelor Degree in finance or accounting related fields

o   At least 1 years of experience in a similar position (data entry of financial information and cash handling.). Past experience with (I)NGOs is a plus.

o   Languages:      Kurdish, Arabic & English

o   Advanced at excel



o   Excellent organizational and communication skills.

o   Perform extremely detailed tasks with accuracy and attention to detail.




The Employee undertakes to adhere to HI policies which include:

  • Terms and conditions of engagement (T&C)
  • Internal regulation (IR)
  • Child protection policy (CPP)
  • Protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (PSEAH)
  • Antifraud and bribery
  • Code of Conduct (CoC)

More Information

  • This job has expired!