Rezan Organization for Development (ROD)

Program Assistant (ROD.MOS.026.042024)

Job Expired

Job Overview

Location: Mosul


Rezan is a national Iraqi Non-profit organization established in Iraq with the aim of supporting
conflict affected communities and Contributing for a safe, dignified, sustainable livelihoods and
environment friendly for vulnerable communities and advocating for climate action.



➢ Collaborate with the project team in planning and implementation.
➢ Conduct assessments to identify vulnerable families/ Farmers in need.
➢ Collect data related to beneficiaries, their needs, and living conditions.
➢ Assist with livelihoods training and grants distribution.
➢ Conduct regular field visits to monitor program activities.
➢ Provide timely feedback and updates to the team.
➢ Record information accurately and comprehensively.
➢ Take detailed notes during field visits.
➢ Call beneficiaries to gather additional information.
➢ Assist in capturing visual data through filming.
➢ any other assignments as directed by the line manage



➢ One year’s experience working with Non-Governmental Organizations, particularly in
livelihoods, or in a relevant field such as social worker.
➢ Knowledge of Arabic and English.
➢ Team Worker
➢ Effective communication with the team.
➢ Demonstrated capacity to collaborate effectively within a team.
Other Requirements (Do not delete this part from the JD):
Rezan Organization upholds high standards in all aspects of Safeguarding and condemns all
forms of abuse and exploitation, takes a zero-tolerance approach to all abuse and exploitation
against children or vulnerable individuals and seeks to ensure that no-one is exposed to the risk
of maltreatment by its representatives. In accordance with organisational policy:
➢ In view of the nature of this role potentially requiring involvement with vulnerable
individuals (including situations where there are potential imbalances of power), you will
be required to provide both a self-assessment and formal certificate of previous good
➢ Professional references will be requested and taken up for the successful candidate.
➢ All Rezan Organization’s staff are required to sign our Code of Conduct and Child
Safeguarding Commitment.
Rezan Organization upholds high standards in Counter Terrorism (COTER) and sanctions
regulation compliance. Rezan Organization will conduct a thorough pre-employment background
check of successful candidates, including checking through the SDN sanctions lists.

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