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Psychologist (Female)- Reserve Pool

Job Expired

Job Overview

• Carrying out evaluation of mental health needs of patients and establishing a diagnosis and a plan of treatment. Informing the patient and his/her relatives about the possible consequences of the illness and the drug treatment to follow and referring patients to other health professionals whenever necessary, in order to provide the most appropriate treatment and improve the patient’s condition
• Implementing the Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) protocol, identifying possible victims of SGBV and referring them to the medical team so that they receive the necessary treatment.
• Providing psychological support and psychotherapy sessions (individual, family, group) to patients according to MSF protocols in order to improve their mental health conditions
• Assisting and training staff members and resourceful people whenever necessary in order to enhance the scope of MH activities. Working in close collaboration with translators in order to ensure appropriate terminology and behaviour during sessions
• Collecting statistical and monitoring data about mental health activities
• Informing the supervisor and the medical team about any issues or problems that may arise related to patients’ treatment in order to provide the best possible solution from a medical perspective
• Ensuring that all patient information is kept confidential.
• Assessment and Diagnosis: Conduct psychological assessments to evaluate individuals’ cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning, establish diagnoses, and develop comprehensive treatment plans based on assessment findings and on MSF guidelines . This includes informing patients and their families about the potential implications of their condition and recommended treatment options, as well as making referrals to other healthcare professionals when necessary to ensure optimal care.
• Psychotherapy and Counseling: Provide therapy and counseling services following MSF guidelines to individuals, couples, families, or groups to help them address psychological issues, cope with stress, manage emotions, and improve overall mental health.
• Treatment Planning: Develop personalized treatment plans in collaboration with clients, setting achievable goals and objectives for therapy.
• Crisis Intervention: Offer immediate support and interventions during crises or emergencies, such as suicidal ideation, trauma, or acute mental health episodes.
• Psychological Education and Prevention: Conduct educational workshops, seminars, or training sessions to increase awareness of mental health issues, promote mental wellness, and prevent psychological problems. This may involve organizing activities tailored to children from neglected communities to promote their mental well-being and provide support and guidance.
• Consultation and Collaboration: Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, health promotion team and educators, to coordinate care, provide consultation, and ensure holistic treatment approaches. This may also involve implementing the Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) protocol, identifying potential victims, and facilitating their access to medical care and support services.
• Training and Support: Assist in the training of staff members and community leaders to expand the scope of mental health activities and ensure culturally sensitive approaches. This involves close collaboration with translators to ensure effective communication during sessions.
• Data Collection and Analysis: Collect and analyse statistical and monitoring data related to mental health activities to assess their effectiveness and inform future interventions.
• Reporting and Confidentiality: Report any issues or challenges related to patient treatment to supervisors and the medical team to facilitate prompt resolution from a medical perspective. Ensure the confidentiality of patient information in accordance with ethical and legal guidelines.


• Education:
– Essential degree in psychology, Preferably with education in social or health science
• Experience:
– 2-year desired experience in community and/or social work Desirable: MSF or other NGOs in developing countries
– Capacity to work in a multidisciplinary team – Initiative, creativity and flexibility –

– Capacity to adjustment to change – Interest in helping vulnerable population
• Language:
– Fluent Arabic in writing, reading and speaking. Good English is desired.
• Knowledge:
– Desired knowledge of the affected population – Strong Counseling, psychotherapeutic skills communication, and organizational social skills (attentive listening, open attitude, empathy, sensitivity)
– Preferably coming from the community and well-accepted
– Capacity to work in a multidisciplinary team
– Initiative, creativity, and flexibility.
– Capacity to adjust to change – Interest in helping vulnerable populations, Because of the nature of the work in MSF contexts, big flexibility is required, and any other duties/tasks asked by your supervisor(s) should be performed in and out of the current workplace.

More Information

  • This job has expired!