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Job Overview

About KSC:

Kurdistan Save the Children (KSC), established in 1991, is a non-profit organization based in Sulaymaniyah, dedicated to providing assistance without regard to race, gender, traditions, political, or religious affiliation. Our non-political and non-sectarian approach guides our work with children, focusing on child protection, sponsorship, health, and education initiatives. Regardless of background or circumstances, our mission is to contribute directly or indirectly to a better future for children by addressing their diverse medical, social, economic, and educational needs. At KSC, we prioritize equality, operate with transparency, and emphasize our commitment to being non-political and non-sectarian. Join us in our mission to create a brighter and more promising future for children, fostering positive change and lasting impact in the communities we serve.

Operational Context:

This project aims to deliver protection services to refugee/asylum seeker, internally displaced, and host community children, with a primary focus on those residing in urban and camp areas of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah Governorates. Key activities include specialized child protection services, Best Interest Assessments (BIA) under the UNHCR’s Best Interest Procedures (BIP), strengthening community-based child protection structures, awareness-raising sessions for children and caregivers, recreational and psychosocial support activities, and capacity building for government counterparts in child protection.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

A Team Leader will lead a team of 8 facilitators. the role involves the dynamic responsibility of overseeing a team of eight facilitators engaged in multifaceted activities. This leadership position requires strategic coordination and supervision of initiatives focusing on parenting, psychosocial support (PSS), awareness campaigns, and community-based child protection activities. The Team Leader plays a pivotal role in guiding and supporting the facilitators, ensuring that their efforts align with the project’s objectives and adhere to established guidelines. This involves strategic planning, resource allocation, and continuous communication and monitoring to foster a collaborative and effective working environment.

Key Responsibilities:


  • ensure the quality of the PSS, Recreational, parenting programs, CBCPS, and awareness-raising sessions for children and their caregivers.
  • Ensure the smooth implementation, and monitoring of the PSS, recreational, parenting programs, awareness raising, and CBCPS activities in close collaboration with the facilitators.
  • Ensure effective collaboration with all partners and key stakeholders of the project and participate in the collection of information for the service mapping of the areas of intervention.
  • Support and supervise the activities of CP committees and monitor the plan and implementation of their activities.
  • Support the creation of an action plan for the Committees.
  • ensure the inclusion and participation of children with special needs in the activities.
  • Follow up on the needs of the community in terms of awareness and make sure that the Committee members are being proactive in the definition of the awareness program, in coordination with the facilitators.
  • Respond to different CP issues in the areas of intervention by designing and monitoring tailored activities.
  • Organize and support the different awareness campaigns through the community structures.
  • Share information and problems/challenges with the project manager and provide a proposed action plan.
  • In close coordination with the mobile teams, assess psychological needs and protection issues.
  • Participate in different forms of community-based assessments to identify people of concerns or those at risk, when required by the Project Manager.
  • Ensure close follow-up with the beneficiaries in identifying the improvement done and the barriers faced-by the individuals and/or his/her caregivers in the rehabilitation process.
  • Participate in the reporting (both qualitative and quantitative) of activities in filling specific tools (assessment form, follow up form, referral form, discharge and monitoring forms). Provide any other reports requested by the project manager.
  • Supervise, follow and report the team’s activities according to the daily / weekly planning to the project manager and the reporting officer.
  • The team leader develops plans for resource allocation and target achievement and monitors the progress of these plans.
  • Provides first response to HR issues in the field.


Education and Work Experience Requirements:

  • University degree or diploma.
  • Proficiency in Arabic (oral and written), Kurdish, and written English (oral and written).
  • Previous experience with international or local NGOs.
  • Experience in designing and facilitating training sessions.
  • Proven experiences of working in child protection, activities management with children.
  • Proven experience of working with children and adolescents.
  • Experience in community mobilization, protection and conducting outreach activities.
  • creative, active, positive and flexible.
  • Good computer skills (MS Office, including Outlook for email).
  • Knowledge of the Protection System and Standard Operating Procedures for Child Protection.
  • Good communication and reporting skills.
  • Good social skills to establish relationships with children and families.

More Information

  • This job has expired!