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iMMAP Inc. is an international nongovernmental organisation that provides information management services to humanitarian and development organizations. Through information management, we help our partners target assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations. Our core philosophy is that better data leads to better decisions and that better decisions lead to better outcomes. iMMAP Inc.’s critical support to information value chains helps to solve operational and strategic challenges of our partners in both emergency and development contexts by enabling evidence-based decision-making for better outcomes.

iMMAP’s critical support to information value chains helps to solve operational and strategic challenges of our partners in both emergency and development contexts by enabling evidence-based decision-making for better outcomes


iMMAP Inc Iraq implements a Third-Party Monitoring Project whose goal is to conduct Third Party Monitoring (TPM) of US Government funded Conventional Weapons Destruction (CWD) activities in Iraq at regularly scheduled intervals to confirm the accuracy of Implementing Partners’ (IP) reporting and achievements submitted to the US Department of State, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement’s (PM/WRA) and IP’s compliance with the terms and conditions of their respective agreements or contracts. The TPM objectives are as follows:

  1. Enhance the verifications of PM/WRA’s IPs’ reported activities and achievements.
  2. Increase understanding and verification of the impact of PM/WRA’s funding of IPs

The Information Management Officer reports to the TPM Project Manager and will work closely with the GIS team, the TPM Project Coordinator and his team.

The TPM Information Management Officer will play a leading role in the design, development, management, and improvement of data management systems including database and spreadsheets, along with related process for data collection, cleaning, and verification.


Essential Duties/Tasks and Responsibilities:

The TPM Information Management Officer is responsible for all assigned tasks by TPM Project Manager as follows:

Pre-Deployment Activities:

·        Assign TPM Task IDs for all selected sites.

·        Contribute to the development, updating and reviewing of tools for data collection.

·        Manage and make all changes in the data collection platform (KOBO).

·        Conduct testing of all tools within the mobile data collection platform (KOBO).

·        Compile the regional quarterly workplans in a central place.

·        Participate in meetings with implementing partners to discuss selected sites, data collection and collation protocols.

·        Support the TPM Project Coordinator in building M&E officers’ capacity for data collection.

·        Updating the TPM analysis plans.

Deployment Activities:

·        Conduct internal data quality assurance and quality control to ensure integrity of data collection.

·        Coordinate the data analysis processes.

·        Monitor compliance with the data collection protocols for each tool.

·        Implement a set of data quality control protocols to ensure data quality, as well as real-time backend data check and verification of collected field data.

·        Run daily data status reports against set targets and update the Project Manager.

·        Alert Project Manager within 24 hours of any data with anomalies.

Post-Deployment Activities:

·        Participate in the preparation and presentation of data, when applicable

·        Develop an internal report tracking and archiving system for the project

·        Ensure update of TPM project SharePoint folder.

·        Support the team during individual site visit report writing, including collation and attachment of relevant support documentation.

·        Produce visual information such as tables, graphs, maps, and other infographics in suitable format for reporting and illustration purposes.

·        Support the Project Manager in the Quarterly IP reporting.

·        On a routine basis collect, collate, and report on internal lessons learned on TPM process.


Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

·        Excellent organizational skills with the ability to execute activities and projects.

·        Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to establish relationships.

·        Knowledge of the Iraq cultural, political, and geographical context.

·        Knowledge and understanding of mine action mandates and operations.

·        Capacity to think critically analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data.

·        Excellent computer skills (use of MS Office package, Internet, Skype)

·        Ability to work under pressure and long hours at different locations.

·        Self-reliant and able to work independently.

·        Strict attention to detail.

·        Well organized, self-starter.

·        Interpersonal skills and personal maturity, tact, courtesy, patience, adaptability, initiative, cooperativeness, and resourcefulness.

·        Ability to travel to all provinces in Iraq for iMMAP Inc. support.


Academic Qualifications/Experience/Language

·        Graduate of an Institute or University in the field of Information Technology, Information Management or Computer Sciences., or relevant field.

·        Minimum 3 years of relevant experience within the Mine Action Operations and Management.

·        Minimum 3 years’ experience in Information Management.

·        Experience in working in complex and volatile contexts.

·        Very good working knowledge of English, Arabic, and Kurdish.

Guiding Principles

Personnel is expected to conduct itself in a professional manner and respect local laws, customs and iMMAP Inc.’s policies, procedures, and values at all times and in all Countries.

iMMAP Inc. has zero-tolerance for sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, human trafficking, child abuse and exploitation. Any violations of these principles and policies will be treated as serious misconduct.

iMMAP Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer regardless of background.

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