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Network & Admin Administrator

Job Overview


We are looking for a motivated a Network & Admin Administrator to ensure the seamless operation of our digital infrastructure. This role will be pivotal in maintaining network security, troubleshooting technical issues, and optimizing system performance.

Duties and Responisbilities

Install, maintain and ensure proper operation of :

The Local Area Network in YBS premises :Main head office, Disaster recovery site and any other site that is part of YBS network

The Wide area Network interconnecting head office, DR site with all the network nodes, remote nodes (ATM,POS,…)  this include the routers, and any switching equipment

switching equipment on the backbone, the routers in the branches with high availability mode, and the transmission equipment Private equipment (point to multipoint and backbone high capacity microwave)

The windows servers, and storages.

Perform proactive monitoring tasks on the telecom and the related security infrastructure, systems and storages to ensure the high availability of the service and the best response time and incident resolution

Escalate to supplier’s helpdesk level 2 issues and incident.

the services covered are listed below but can be extended and modified based on YBS infrastructure evolution and growth:

The WAN connectivity , and all lines related to central bank, VISA, Mastercard, telecom providers, customers such as banks and other.

Internet, VPN  , Cisco IP telephony , call center and videoconference services .

The ATM management: on the network level and various network interfaces connected to the core ITM switch.

Apply YBS IT security policy: configuration of firewalls, access lists, access servers, other network and security  software management.

The Infrastructure control: overseeing the computer room and its support systems (e.g., air conditioning, UPS, electrical wiring.

The UPS management and integration with network management system where applicable .

  • Assists the CIO in :

–       The network design, topology , and routing protocols as well as the network scalability to ensure smooth integration of YB external growth

–       Ensuring :

  1. Quality of service and priority among services
  2. Traffic shaping and priority queuing.
  3. Test of new applications for bandwidth optimization.
  4. Monitor traffic, and control application usage over the External connections/LAN
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of all network management software
  • Document and update all Telecom procedures
  • Work on any project upon request as per YBS Matrix resource allocation
  • Supervise the Telecom Problem management procedure :

–       Handle the problem management related to telecom services especially the major incidents,

–       Supervise and enhance the telecom monitoring and incident handling procedure,

–       Be a reliable reference for any technical consultation coming from the IT support officers and other IT administrators and concerning any of the Telecom systems

Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Apply the IT security policy on all devices, equipment and services.

Requirements and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field
  • 2-3 years of experience as Network & System Administrator or related fields
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Great Analytical Skills
  • The ability to prioritize tasks and workload
  • Knowledge and experience of analyzing systems
  • Knowledge base of the company and its goals
  • Incident, problem management
  • Self-Discipline.
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Great Communication Skills (verbal clarity, good writing skills)
  • Ability to assess faults, prioritize, respond and escalate accordingly.
  • Capability of multi-tasking.

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